Success *Gen. 39:13-23

Genesis 39:13-23;NIV
Yahweh was with Joseph and gave him success. No matter where Joseph was, no matter what he was doing God blessed him; whatever Joseph did prospered.
*What kind of attitude do you have in the midst of troubles and trials?
Joseph had a God-ordained purpose that no one and nothing could thwart. Just think how Yahweh has given us not one, but several promises. Many promises have been fulfilled and many are yet to come.
Take a good look
In this wonderful Book
Know and be sure
The Holy Scripture
Is yea and amen
For every human
This is Yahweh’s plan
For every woman and man

Of this be sure
Not just for the future
A good life is for now
And Jesus tells how
The Kingdom of God is at hand
In Jesus take your stand
Now and for eternity
This will forever be

To Yeshua
If to Him you go
His blessings will flow
Want to feel good inside
In Him you must abide
All else is for naught
Examine what’s been taught


Grace, grace
Amazing grace
Found in every place
No one can erase
It’s better than an ace
Or flowers in a vase
It’s more than a trace
Amazing is God’s grace

God is the One Who
Can give grace to you
It will help you through
For what you need to do
His love is there too
Yes, this truly is true