Temptation *Gen. 39:7-12

Genesis 39:7-12
Even when temptation was strong, Joseph put God first in his life by honoring God. He knew that adultery was wrong. Joseph did not want to go against God and give into sin. Joseph was confronted with sexual temptation from another man’s wife not once, but day after day after day. He held fast to keeping God first in his life, by doing what was right in God’s eyes, and not giving into sin.
Temptation itself is not sin. Temptation entices one to sin. As soon as temptation is acted upon it then becomes sin.
How are you when you are confronted by temptation? Do you hold fast to doing what is right before God even when the temptation is hammering away at you day after day? It is not easy. Temptations come in many different sizes, shapes, and forms. It looks sweet, appealing, and most desirable. Notice I said “looks”. Once the choice is made to give into temptation (no matter what the temptation is) it immediately opens up a door to all sorts of heartache.
One can compare temptation to a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you get too close it can hurt, damage, and even kill you – The problem is your life affects other people – no matter who you are – you matter and do affect people around you. The choices you make matter both now and eternally.
When temptation appears or hammers on you, call on the Name of the Living God – Jesus Christ – there is power in Him Name. He will help if you let Him. Glory to God!
1 Corinthians 10:13

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