Lord, for Your Name’s sake
Your people awake
There is a large number
Who don’t know they slumber
They think they’re fine inside
But in You they do not abide
They are walking their own way
Lord, awake them all this day.

When I See

I have found
I am never bound
when I see
it is not me.
It is not by my hand
nor by my command;
nothing I can do
can ever pull me through
the darkest of night
which gives way to fright.
It’s in that tough, hard place
we must fully rely on His grace.
To Him we plead
that He would heed
our plea and cry…

“Lord, don’t deny.
It is only by Your hand,
and only though Your command,
that the darkness will break.”
Only can the Lord God take
what hinders our way,
what causes decay.

If God allows
the enemy to carouse,
then it’s only for a season,
for He has a good reason.
If God does withhold
the reason not told,
then it just
comes down to trust.

Where does your faith go?
What the Lord wants to know,
is how your faith shows,
no matter how life goes.

“Lord, I do not want to regret
nor Your mercy and grace forget.
May they be ever fresh,
as they continually mesh
with faith and hope
empowering me to cope
with all that lies ahead.
And filled with courage instead
of getting whacked by every blow
giving way to each woe.
Keeping my eyes on You,
in everything I go through,
even in the darkest of night,
may Your unfailing light
in me brightly glow
showing me the way to go,
so I can stand firm,
not giving way to squirm.
Your will be done,
all in the name of Your Son.