Take a Look

Matthew 6:31-33

What’s on my lips today
It’s what I choose to say:
In Matthew 6:31
It has already been done
And in verses 32-33
Let’s take a look and see:
It’s more than a thought
God says worry not
Is food your concern
His provision you’ll learn
What about water and drink
God can provide in a wink
Are you concerned about clothes
All your needs God knows
God will take care of you
Protect and provide too

Pagans who do not believe
Earthly things try to achieve
They go here and there
God’s provision unaware

God clearly did speak
First, His Kingdom seek
And the right way of living
Then you’ll see all He’s giving

It is as simple as this
Something you don’t want to miss
So, don’t act like an unbeliever
Seek and be an active achiever
God will certainly bless you
Wait and see what He will do


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