I lift up my voice to You, God
Due all glory, honor, laud
Worthy of all praise
My thanks to You I raise
Thank You for my life
You are above all strife
You love us all
On Your Name we can call
You are glorious and worthy
Holy and righteous for all to see
Your sovereign hand
Is mighty and ever so grand
Lord God trusting in You
Is the best thing we can do
Thank you that You hear our prayers
And tend to all our cares
Even then even so
The right way You show
In the midst of the storm
In hardship or when we mourn
We can always come to You
You promise to guide us through
You, Lord are so worthy of praise
Honor, thanks, glory always
Thank You that You hear our voice
You help us make the right choice
No matter what we go through
We can always count on You
Only You, Lord can release
A wonderful amazing peace
We don’t always get our own way
But Your faithfulness with us will stay

Yahweh, You are the best
We are so blessed
Thank you God for all You do
We are grateful and love You too
Guide us along the path today
Thank You for hearing all I pray


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