When doubt tries to wiggle in
It is trying to open a door to sin
There is something you can do
This is just a reminder to you

When a troubling doubt appears
With it trying to bring some fears
Worry comes quickly and cheers
Anxiety from a distance leers
Confusion’s head always rears

When you see a doubt
Quickly go and kick it out
Do not let it sprout
It could try to shout
Ignore it; don’t let it about

It cannot gain any ground
If you will not let it around
It could try hard and hound
Its ultimate weapon is to confound
Trying harder to survive and abound

But stand straight and hold firm
Hold your head up and do not squirm
It will have to go away
If you give it no place to stay
Then happily you will find
Relief and peace in your mind


So Grand

To the Most High God
All glory, honor, laud
Praise be to the great I AM
The God of Abraham
Righteous and true
In all that You do
Holy, worthy, Mighty
Glorious for all to see
Worthy of all praise
Forever and always
His amazing power and might
He is light in the dead of night
His glorious outstretched arm
Protector from all alarm
Nothing is out of His hand
In Him we can securely stand
Wonderful is His every command
Yes, the God of Moses is so grand