We Can Rely

No one can ever deny
It’s only God who can satisfy
On Him we can rely

He hears the tear filled cries
He touches the tear filled eyes
He is ever so wise

Great is His mercy displayed
And it’s affect will never fade
For atonement has been made

We can now walk in peace
Grace and mercy will not cease
Only He can make them increase

Great is our God
To Him we applaud
Give Him honor and laud

It is so sweet
When to God we greet
Because we want to meet

He takes the sting
Out of everything
Then our hearts sing

Whether a husband or wife
Whatever position in life
There need not be strife

Our God is in control
Of the path on which we stroll
Only God should we praise and extol

Come now and give Him thanks
You will improve in your ranks
You need not walk the planks