One Life

Says the Great I AM,
“Worthy is the Lamb.
On Him My favor does rest,
So all people can be blest.
I love them so,
This I want them to know.
I want them not to fear;
I hold each one dear.
Gave mankind My Son,
A gift for each one.
Each one has voice,
Yes or no is their choice.”
The gift do you accept
Or do you think exempt
The choice is yours to make
Be careful don’t make a mistake
One life we all get to live
One life God did give


I’m talking to you Pride
You can no longer reside
so take flight
You are an ugly sight
You will no longer live here
Along with you take fear
You are not wanted about
So get out!
Right now, I say
Right now, on this day
You are so ugly
And deceiving smugly
Get out of my house
You conniving louse

Pride (again)

Pride you deceiving conniving thing
You always taint everything
You think you’re so grand
But you cannot stand
You have taken the fall
For I’ve responded to the call
You are not wanted
I cast down all you’ve flaunted
Here there is no room
Take up your gloom
Never to come back here
God I’ll truly revere
I will lift Him up high
His voice I will not deny
For I am in His hand
This is where I’ll stand