That Place

If you find yourself in that place
Where your smile is gone from your face
Quickly call upon the Lord’s Name and grace

Getting together with relatives can be quite hard
Peace and happiness can seem barred
No one is perfect; we all are a bit marred

Make up your mind before you go
Good things from your mouth will flow
Good deeds to others – let them flow

Check and have a positive attitude
You can be the one to set the mood
Guard your peace and avoid being rude

Ask the Lord God to go before you
Think about the good things you can do
Sow kindness and let love flow through

Even when “things” don’t go as you think
Things might get muddled and try to stink
Stand firm, hold tight Jesus is the link

This applies to all fathers and mothers
To all sisters and all brothers
To relatives, friends and all others


There is no need to be forlorn
For unto you a Savior has been born
He came to save you from sin
All you have to do is let Him in

He came to show us the way
So let us not delay
A new life we can live
If to Him our hearts we give

The Lord is faithful and kind
He can bring peace to your mind
Only He can replace sadness with joy
A brand new life to enjoy

So let each one of us
Come worship Lord Jesus
Come and give Him your heart
Saying, “Lord, how great Thou art!”