Holiday Struggle

The holiday struggle,
it’s so hard to juggle.
Oh, what should I do?
I don’t want to be blue.

There is so much on my mind.
I do so need to find,
a way to get through,
all that I have to do.

I will just sit here,
and dismiss all fear.
I don’t want to miss,
the meaning of this.

Christmas should not cause strife,
all the time in my life.
I need to let go,
and go with the flow.

So I will.
I shall fill,
my mind with a good thought,
and not be high-wrought.

I will smirk,
when at work.
I will not let things get me down,
for I do not want to frown.

I will focus on what is true,
If it is the last thing I do.
I will be in a good mood,
and I will not brood.