Snow Must Go

The landlord did call
to say he would plow all
the snow away
sometime today.
I had to move my car
for he didn’t want to mar
when he plowed the snow.
He called to let me know.

I said, “Okay,
I’m on my way.”
I ran down the stairs,
thinking, “I’m glad he cares.”
I couldn’t believe my eyes,
for much to my surprise,
the lady who’s my neighbor,
was doing hard labor.

I looked at her,
for I wasn’t sure.
The call, did she not know?
She was shoveling all that snow!
I said, “What are you doing today?”
while she was shoveling the driveway.
She said,
without dread,

“I like to do this,
cuz I don’t want to miss,
any of the snow,
for it all needs to go,
off the driveway.”
I said, “Well, okay.”
I then took my car snow-brush,
to clean off my car in a rush.

When I went for a ride,
she shoveled my whole side,
right down to the pavement,
much to my amazement.
One thing is for sure,
I do want to thank her.
I bought some coffee in a can,
to give to her and her man.

That very morning,
while others were snoring.
she had said she did drink,
about three cups, I think,
So I wanted to say, “Thank you!”
And give you a gift of thanks too!
We hope you like your coffee canister,
Happy drinking to you and your mister.

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