Nothing Less

God wants nothing less
His people to bless
He wants for them the best
For God wants them blessed

His way is very good
Know this we should
God will surely come to your aid
In Him, no need to be afraid

He will go before you
Guiding you through
Whether by day or by night
He leads with a guiding light

So if there seems to be a struggle
Go to God and snuggle
Tell Him how you feel
Then He will help you deal


The hurt and pain
cannot remain.
However, if it does
then we’ll have trouble cuz
we cannot remain that way
without going astray.
Filled with exhaust
we’d be quite lost;
opening the door to a host of emotion,
which will disturb and cause commotion.

When there is jealousy,
it is plain for all to see.
The afflicted one wants to avenge,
contemplating a type of revenge.
This is such a bad scene,
there is nothing serene.
It has such a bad taste,
It’s a life going to waste.
If you forgive and forget,
your life you won’t regret.