God Most High

Adonai    (Lord)
El Shaddai    (Mighty God)
God Most High
Great is Adonai
On Him rely
He loves you and I

He is an absolute
Whom we solute
Hear the drum and flute
Give a loud hoot
Greater than all loot
So come solute
Yahweh is absolute

Great is He
God Almighty
The One and only
He is worthy
Holy, holy, holy
Give Him all glory
Tell of His story

He Is

I will write
About insight
I will know
Which way to go

Only God can release
An amazing peace
Because of His love
It flows from above

He enables us to stand
Prepared in the land
He is ever so grand
Everything’s in His hand

Mighty is He
For the world to see
Brighter than a star
Lord, You are

All God does
He is, He was
He will ever be
Thee One and only

His kindness galore
Does even more
Lives restored
His Word; Sword

At God’s command
At His demand
Captives set free
Pours out mercy

No need to groan
He’s on the Throne
He is above all
To Him we call

Provision given
Protective liven
In Him is bliss
Chaos dismiss

There’s only One
The righteous Son
He is the Word
It must be heard

Seek His face
Experience grace
Good you will feel
It’s the right deal