All About You

Lord, it is all about You
About what You have done
What You are doing and will do
Though the gift of Your Son

Only You can enable us
To walk in the light
Thank you Jesus
In us shine bright

May each and every day
Be mindful of You
Guarding what we say
In everything we do


Do you dread
What lies ahead
No need to fear
The Lord’s here
His Word is power
At this very hour
In the blink of an eye
At the Word of Adonai  (Lord)
Everything can change
Unlimited the range

Are you prepared and ready
Are you holding steady
The Lord will tend to your care
Do you know; are you aware
The Lord God is above all
So on Jesus’ Name do call
Let God’s promises be known
There is no need to groan
So no matter what lies ahead
Trust in what the Lord God said