Hardship is bound to come
More than less to some
Whatever it is
Remember you are His
He holds all things in His hand
No matter what is in the land
He has promised to be with you
He’s promised to guide you through
Just hold on to Him tight
He is the bright, shining light

When all else seems to fail
Everything seems to travail
Can’t seem to find your way
Everything seems to decay
No need to worry or fear
The Lord holds your life dear
Even though life seems grim
Peace and joy can be found in Him
It is as easy as one, two, three
Available go to Him and you’ll see

Mighty Love

If you have not sought the One above
Or experienced His mighty love
It can be found in one place
No man or spirit can erase
It all comes through Christ Jesus
He has opened the door for us.

Anyone can go to Him, for He made us all
Much more will be found, if on Him we call
It’s free for the taking, all you have to do is ask
He will answer you, for Him it’s not a hard task
You will be touched, and then you will know
You will feel His love, through you it will flow