Truth is

Do you need to adjust
Truth is a must
All else will bust
Only truth is just

Don’t let truth be zapped
Truth is more than apt
Pure; not tainted or tapped
To truth will you adapt

It does not complicate
It will clearly implicate
Truth no one can suffocate
It’s strong can’t replicate

One cannot just surmise
Better it is to realize
Truth is best and wise
All else binds and fries

Truth no one can erase
Nor can one replace
It is time to embrace
Truth in every place


When life tends to be severe
Just hold on and persevere
Jesus will guide you through
Why? Because He love you
When life intensifies and is severe
Just plain and simple persevere
When all is said and done
Does glory go to the Living Son
It’s not always easy to hold fast
But persevere and you will last
When you need help along your way
Just go to the Lord God and pray