What do you celebrate?
To what do you commemorate?
How do you calibrate?

What is your decision?
How is your precision?
What’s in your vision?

How about your direction?
Respond to correction?
What about instruction?

Ponder now each question,
Your answer and suggestion.
Feel good or have indigestion?

Above All

There is only One who is best
Only in Him can one find rest
What a great and awesome God to serve
Giving grace and mercy we don’t deserve
Because we are His, He gives freely
Protection and provision completely
If you don’t know the Lord God above
Or have not experienced His unfailing love
You are missing the best part of life
No matter from where you came
You can call on His powerful Name
The only Name that is above all
Jesus the Christ is the Name to call
He will answer, just wait and see