What a Day!

Oh!  What a day!
I will not give way
To that awful dismay!

I will take my place
And continue my pace
To win the royal race

I do find
That the mind
Needs the Divine


Please take note
it is time to vote
You might not like the choice
you have a rite to your voice
It is the last day
did you have your say

Who is this God

Who is this God you talk about
Open your mouth and let it out
Do not hold back
Or worry about lack
Speak it out loud
Don’t let fear cloud
It must not feel odd
To speak of this God
Speak it high, speak it low
Speak it out for all to know
Speak it here and there
Speak it everywhere
No matter who you are among
Let His Name be on your tongue

Who is this King of Glory
History is His story
He is the Great I Am
The God of Abraham
He is El Shaddai     (Mighty God)
He is God Most High
He is the Maker
He is Caretaker
The God of Salvation
Is the God of Creation
So open your mouth wide
From speaking do not hide
The world must know
Let His Name flow