All You Do

Lord, thank You
For all You do
Thank you for speaking to me
Thank you, God Almighty
Right from the start
You touch the heart
You quiet the mind
Worry and fear bind
You set the captive free
For everyone to see
Not just here or there
Your glory everywhere
Your arms are so vast
Catching prayers cast
You are true to Your Word
Making it so It’s heard
What a grand God You are
A reliable, strong tower
With the enemy You contend
Our lives You defend
There’s no place I’d rather be
Than in the hands of Thee Almighty


If you want to win
The place to begin
Is with the Lord
You can’t afford
To hesitate
Do not wait
Go to Him now
He will show how
To be victorious
It’ll be glorious
Your life will change
Having a clear range
In all you do
He will be guiding you
Even when you can’t see
His amazing glory will be….
He has your situation
Faithful is the God of Creation