He is

In Him we live
Your life to Him give
You will also find
He is ever so kind

He will provide for you
And protect you too
He is right there
Tending to your care

From His cup take a drink
Life can change in a wink
There’s no need to dread
Anything that lies ahead

He does want you to know
The Lord God loves you so
For every man and wife
There is purpose for life

His purpose for young or old
In His Word has been told
It is for every woman and man
You will find it’s really quite grand

Which Road

The time is now late
No time to hesitate
Get your life in order
Remove all disorder

The Lord God did give
Only one life to live
Live your life well
In His presence dwell

No matter what’s around
Grace and mercy abound
Let there be no mistake
Which road will you take