The Pen

Lord, thank you once again
For the invention of the pen
It writes what’s said
Coming from inside the head
From mind to hand
The pen takes a stand
Once a word becomes ink
Those who read drink
If it nourishes the spirit
Then all should read it
If it does not nourish
Then it will not flourish
It won’t yield a good harvest
In that case do not invest
However, if the word is good
Then you absolutely should
Fill your mind and be blessed
For prosperity this is best
So, the moral of this story
Give God all the glory
All those who read
On words do feed
He did give the gift
So the pen to Him lift

True Love

Only true love
Comes from above
This is real
The true deal
All else fails
Not content and ails

Remove the block
Watch your talk
Want to live
Need to forgive
This amazing place
It’s all grace

Good for the taking
There’s no mistaking
It’s so large
And no charge
In love bask
Just plain ask