Right Way

Lord, it’s You I seek
Come to me and speak
I am seeking You
Show me what to do
To walk in what’s right
I need Your insight
Show me the way to go
So the right way I know
In Your Word I stand
Guide me with Your hand
Clear my way today
This is what I pray
Lord, I thank You
For all You do
You protect and shield
To You everything must yield
Only You know what lies head
So there’s no need for dread
I’m with You and You’re with me
Thank You, thank You God Almighty
No need to worry or fear
For You, Lord are right here
In You I can always find rest
Lord, You alone are the best

True Life

There is no need
To be sad and blue
The One who is
He is with you

He truly does care
Jesus gave His life
Go to Him in prayer
He will meet you

Why does He do this
He wants you to know
True life not to miss
He loves you so

Salvation’s free for the taking
For anyone who wants it
And there is no mistaking
Yahweh cares for you