I don’t have all the answers in life
But I do know how to avoid strife
I do know where I can find peace
The God of Creation does release
Every single thing that I need
He gives everything to succeed
He comforts, clothes, and feeds
He supplies all of my needs
So the one thing I do know
Life is a choice, so to God I go
Life would be grim
Living without Him


Come now and praise
His Name always
Sing Him a song
You can’t go wrong
When this you do
He does hear you

Only He can deploy
Unrelenting joy
Life needs not be grim
It won’t be with Him
Open your eyes to see
His grace and mercy

He truly does care
Go to Him in prayer
The time is now don’t wait
The time is growing late
Do this now and you’ll see
The hand of the Almighty