The Day After

If I look upon yesterday
That great Atonement Day
The Lord sure did release
His wonderful peace
Even though we did fast
Being with Him is a blast
We prayed all kinds of prayers
Asked forgiveness and stated our cares
It was a day to repent
Asking God not to relent
His strong and mighty arm
Protection from all harm
We asked Him to forgive
Our sins so we can live
To live and dwell in His grace
Have His protection every place
With our hearts to honor Him
To keep our lives from being grim
Asked Him to forgive every sin
All wickedness that dwells within

True Fun

Don’t think I’m being flip
When I give you this tip
If you want true fun
It can only come through the Son
He knows your every need
His Word do you heed
If not
Or forgot
Turn to Him now
He will show how
Then you will find
Joy and peace of mind