Your Story

We have been given a choice
Come now let us rejoice
The Lord Almighty lives
New life He gives
No need to be sad
Come now and be glad
The Lord cares for you
Rescues and helps too
Give Him all the glory
Let this be your story

Awake, Awake

Awake, awake, awake
Make no mistake
The time has come
The time is now
Humble yourself
To the Lord bow

There is a great number
Of Christians who slumber
Awake! I say
The time grows late
Do not delay
Do not hesitate

Repent they must hear
For the end is near
Sound the alarm
Ring the bell
Not wanting them harm
Of Jesus do tell

Come now and heed the call
The message is for one and all
Sound the shofar
In Him there is salvation
Sound it near and far
Turn to the God of Creation