Still Alive

2016, October 5
Jesus is still alive
He wants us to thrive
Not barely survive
But there’s only one way
All others bring decay
Repent of sin today
Do not let sin stay
God’s Word heed
If you let Jesus lead
He will more than feed
God will fill your need

The King

Adonai, You are my King
You, Lord are everything
To You, my heart will sing
Praises and honor I bring

Why not thank The King
To Him praises bring
He alone is everything
Will you let your heart sing

Good and righteous is He
He alone is mighty
He alone is worthy
Go to Him now and see

He does love us so
This He wants us to know
Why not to Him now go
Mercy and grace will overflow

I Pray

I pray Your light
Would shine bright
Throughout the night
Into the next day
Come Lord Have Your way

Keep us steady
Prepared and ready
Only You know
The best way to go
Holy Spirit flow

Gracious are You
In all that You do
Merciful and kind too
Your heart to Him give
It’s the only way to live