October 4

2016, October 4
Open up the door
Let the Lord God in
To cleanse you from sin

He says, “You’re Mine.”
This is the time
In Him abide
From Him don’t hide

Only He can give true life
Rescue from peril and strife
Only if we let Him
Then life will not be grim

He alone has the power
He is our Strong Tower
Call on His Name now
Come to Him and bow


It is our God who sits on the Throne
It is through His Son we are atoned
We all must forgive
In order to live
If you have wronged a brother
Repent and forgive one another

If you want some samples
You will find many examples
Just go to the Holy Book
Open it up and take a look
In this Book you will see
Truth that will set you free

The message that was sent
It is one to repent
Turn from your sinful way
Come now and do it today
Why would you want to wait
The time is now do not hesitate