Try It

If you find nothing is working
And discouragement is lurking
And if all else fails
Sing to the Lord hails
Spend some time with Him
Your problems will grow dim
For then you will find
You have peace of mind
Try it and you will see
Powerful is the Almighty

About Self

About self preservation
I have seen reservation
This is a stumbling block
One the Lord can unlock

I need to guard what I think
So that it does not stink
This is so very hard to do
When our eyes are not on You

When I think of what to do
I am not listening to You
If I clear my mind
Your way I will find

When I bounce to and fro
Not sure of the way to go
Should I do some inspection
Will that release Your direction

The day is half gone
What have I reflected upon
I came to Your alter
Repented of my falter

Lord, it is You I seek
Please, Lord, come and speak
I await for Your Word
Has it already been heard

Did it fall by the wayside
Is it something I have denied
Did I push it away
Waiting for a future day