During these 10 Days of Awe
I will bow my knee
Before You, God Almighty
I will acknowledge who You are
I will meditate on Your Word
Dwell on what You have done
Your mighty and glorious acts
Read & meditate on true facts
Praise and thank You for Your hand
Your righteous right hand
Gives support and helps us to stand
Your ways are ever so grand
You love and reprimand
Have given us Your command
Abounding is Your grace
Reflected in Your people’s face
No man can erase

Your unfailing mercy
Is plain for all to see
It comes from only Thee
Your guiding light
Whether faint or bright
Leads us to insight
You empower us to fight
Putting the enemy to flight
We are always in Your sight
Oh Your majesty and power
A wonderful strong tower
Oh the gifts You give
Giving Holy Spirit to live
The peace and comfort You bring
Makes every heart sing
O God Most High
The only Lord; Adonai

Biblical New Year

   Oct. 2 at sundown is the beginning of the Biblical New Year – Rosh Hashanah.   Ten Days of Awe starts at sundown and ends 10 days later at sundown beginning on Sun., Oct. 2 through Wed., Oct. 12. It is a time of examination – self and who God is and your relationship with Him. It is a time set apart truly seeking Him; soul searching. A time for serious introspection of yourself, your relationship with others, and especially your relationship with the One true God – The God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob.
    These 10 days are considered Days of Repentance; a time of reconciling with people you have wronged/ offended/hurt and a time of reconciliation with God. It is truly a powerful time.