Today’s information
Beware of temptation
Set your sight
On doing what’s right

Sin is crouching at the door
Waiting and ready to score
Be strong and don’t give in
You have the power to win

Our King

Praise be to our King,
For He gives us everything.
If we only knew,
all the things He can do.
We would shout for joy.

Praise be to our King,
This has such a nice ring.
He will see us through,
Yes, this is quite true.
We can be rest assured.

Praise be to our King,
Come to Him and sing.
Do not be so sad and blue,
For he has great love for you.
He fills our every need.

Praise be to our King,
We can take refuge under his wing.
Up, away with us He flew,
Not just the Jew, but the Gentile too.
Bring healing to our land.

Praise be to our King,
We are not puppets on a string.
If we only had a clue,
Of the Lord Almighty – that’s who!
We would bow down and worship.