Your Help

Lord, I need Your help when
I teach Your children
Keep me from being insecure
Steady my feet to be sure

And not to give way
To anything leading astray
To take a firm stand
Being guided by Your hand

Lord, keep me in Your shalom
When away or at home
Help me to be confident
May this be evident

I will not let worry in
I will not give into sin
I will totally trust
In Adonai who is just



I have a notion
to write a daily devotion
to put on the web
what is in my head
it doesn’t have to be fancy
but for all to see
to write a daily word
so it can be heard
stories to share
poems too would be there
to post more than one theme
this is my dream
to share prayers
for anyone who cares
to post a card or two
would this be hard to do?