The Curl

There once was a little girl,
Who had a great big curl.
Everywhere she went,
Her hair looked bent.

It bothered her so much,
It would not change to touch.
She got down on her knees,
And began to pray, “If You please…”

Before she could finish her word,
Her heart felt prayer was heard.
When all of a sudden,
She felt a touch from heaven.

The curl was no longer a big deal,
For she saw what was true and real.
The meaning of life,
Cut in, like a knife.

It took the pain away,
And freed her on this day.
She now knows her purpose,
And is filled with a surplus.

Plenty of energy and grace,
Of which to run the race.
Her eyes have been opened to see,
The Lord’s salvation so rich and free.

So, the moral of this story,
Is set your sight on God’s glory.
It will set you apart,
It will fill your heart.

Freedom will reign.
Peace will remain.
There is so much to gain,
His love does sustain.

O yes, this is true,
God loves me and you!

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