Can anyone afford
Not to serve the Lord?
Are His ways forgot
I sure hope not

For it is in Him we live
Your life to Him give
If I seek my own way
Then my life will go astray

If you truly want to live
Hold no grudge and forgive
Forgive seven times seven
And remove all the leaven

Have you heard what was said
His Word brings no dread
Anyone can find
In Him peace of mind

If you take some time
After reading this rhyme
Seek the Lord God’s face
You will find amazing grace

The God of Abraham is real
Tell Him how you feel
Only He can help you deal
Show you the way and heal


When I came to Thee
You heard my plea
And answered me

There is no need to be sad inside
If in Him you will abide
He is right there by your side

When life doesn’t go the way you think
And sometimes just plain does stink
It can actually change in a wink

Only He can set you free
In His light all has to flee
Try this and you will see

All you have to do is set your mind
Think of all your blessings – you’ll find
All sadness and the like is left behind

Then you can go about your day
Make sure to Him “Thank You” say
And you will find you will be okay

2 Cor. 10:4  think on this
Then you will not miss
The LORD’s wonderful kiss

Each Step

Trust God no matter what
Stand firm and be strong
That’s not all you’ve gut
You cannot go wrong

But you must go deeper still
In order to find your purpose
Seek God for His will
Then it will surface

Each step you take
He will draw you near
Make no mistake
It is Him you should fear

Not fear in a bad way
There’s no need to be afraid
All you have to do is pray
The Lord will come to your aid