One Way

Do you not know
Have you not heard
There’s one way to go
All else is absurd

Many people say this
And many say that
But all will miss
From useless chat

The Word does say
To Him you must come
There’s only one way
Not many or some

Why Not

Do you not know,
Not know the way to go?
Have you not heard,
Not heard God’s Word?

Has it not been told,
Not been told it’s gold?
Have you not seen,
Not seen He is serene?

Do you not understand,
Not understand God is grand?
Have you not read,
Not read what God said?

Do you not comprehend,
Not comprehend God’s our friend?
Do you not see,
Not see God’s love and mercy?

Why not submit,
To God your life commit?
Is Jesus not the only way,
Choose now, choose this day!