There are many storms in life
Each one can bring on strife
There’s only one way to get through
Trusting Jesus in all you do

No matter the storm
Or what’s been torn
Put your trust in Him
Then life won’t be grim

He will take you by the hand
Be with you throughout the land
He will show you the way to go
Why? Because His Word says so

There is no need to complain
Though your troubles seem to remain
Only He can give you true peace
A comfort and joy only He can release


Time of Day

My poems come from the Lord above,
He speaks to me from deep within.
I write what reflects the time of day,
of how I feel as I’m on my way.
I can not write on a whim,
for I must wait to get in touch with Him.

Your Help

Lord, I need Your help when
I teach Your children
Keep me from being insecure
Steady my feet to be sure

And not to give way
To anything leading astray
To take a firm stand
Being guided by Your hand

Lord, keep me in Your shalom
When away or at home
Help me to be confident
May this be evident

I will not let worry in
I will not give into sin
I will totally trust
In Adonai who is just